Mobile SMS Hotline

You check your phone 150 times per day.

At least, that’s according to Salesforce: “The average consumer checks their phone 150 times per day and checks a text within 5 seconds.”  -

Why should you be really interested in this statistic?

Because if you want to reach more buyers and sell more homes, it’s time for you to really step up your game in the texting world.

Today’s consumer demands instant gratification, not only for fast food, but for anything and everything that could be had as quickly as possible. Hence, over the last quarter of a century, we have seen a booming rise in the 24-hour supermarkets, pharmacies, and fast food locations. Next-day or 2-day shipping is expected, and slow Wi-Fi in a café, hotel, or on the plane can cause tempers to flare.

Companies that don’t have websites are subconsciously deemed to be sub-par, and a customer service line that never answers kills business.

Real estate is not exempt.

When potential buyers browse online or drive through a city looking for a new home, who do you think will earn their business? The agents who can provide them with the most valuable information in the shortest amount of time. How can you become one of these agents?

Text-messaging services are available to enable you to connect more quickly and efficiently with potential buyers.

Here’s how they work.

Ditch the old, bring in the new

While the traditional “for sale” sign lists your name and number, there is a new and better way to show off your listings. By telling the potential buyer to text a specific code to the number provided or to scan the QR code right from the sign, you can give them all of the details about the property that they would want to know. While there on the curb, they can see the house on the outside while viewing more information and pictures of the inside.

Choices, choices

People love options. When buyers have these options laid out in front of them with the opportunity to view the information on their phone by scanning the QR code, to wait for the reply from the text, or to call a toll-free number listed on the sign to hear recorded details, it fills them with confidence in you as a professional and in the quality of product you have to show them.

If they didn’t have choices, they would not have any experience to help keep that house at the front of their minds.

Speedy delivery

If you use a text-messaging service like Smart Lead Capture, you can not only provide the QR code, texting option, or toll-free number to call, but you can even meet the potential buyers in person in a matter of minutes.


When more information is requested via text, you as the realtor will get a text alert with the number of the potential buyer. You can then call and offer to meet the client at that time or schedule a future appointment.

The sooner you show the home, the sooner you can make the sale.

More people use mobile sites to access information than ever before. Doesn’t it just make sense to meet them where they’re at – on their phones? According to Pew Research Center, nine out of ten people in the United States own a cell phone. That’s almost everyone, and definitely almost everyone with real buying power. Do you see the beauty in this?

Traditionally, potential buyers have had to call the number listed on the sign and speak to a live person. Some people might not have time for this or might just want to avoid speaking to a live agent altogether until they have received enough information to further their interest. You know how it is.

You walk into a store to buy a new suit or a pair of shoes, and suddenly you’re surrounded by employees asking how they can help. It’s a bit overwhelming if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see what they have to offer.

However, salespeople who give you a couple of minutes to browse before approaching you are more likely to connect with you because you’ve had the chance to warm up.

Why would it be different with a home you are selling? Once potential buyers have expressed interest in receiving more information, they can receive it digitally and have time to warm up by reading it over.

It’s a better overall way of delivering information right to their fingertips. Even if you were to use the option to call them within minutes, they’re still on the receiving end and the pressure of proactively calling a live agent has been removed.

You might say that it’s unnecessary to use a text-messaging service because your CRM has a feature to handle this side of things. That’s great.

Are you using it?

If your CRM provides the option for you to send automated information in response to text messages in addition to keeping all other records, this is a great bonus that you cannot miss out on. Get started now.

Imagine a world where technology didn’t know what a text message was. Imagine a time in which realtors had to spend countless hours and dollars placing ads in every paper and local listings pamphlet in the area, then wait for the phone to ring. Some of you don’t have to imagine, because you were there.

Look at how far we’ve come as an industry. With the ability to list your clients’ homes online via your website or other social media accounts, you can reach a much broader market than a quarter of a century ago. You can attract buyers from out of the area. You can provide details and pictures. You can let buyers schedule appointments through your online calendar. You can even provide them with instant access to information right from their mobile phones which they carry around in their pockets.

Yes, we’ve come very far, but it’s up to you to take advantage of this great opportunity of text-messaging services as the next best way to stay ahead of the crowd.

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